ReBuild Houston

Mending Broken Lives

There is hope, healing and freedom in Jesus.


Today begins a marathon of hope and healing to our community which has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. I have called our church and those who will participate to a noon fast as we go to God in prayer and intercede for our city which lies in ruin. A great pastor friend taught me, “WIN THE BATTLE in the SPIRITUAL.” Today, I’m asking GOD to give us the CITIES for HIS GLORY! We are not just fasting for physical and spiritual breakthrough, but we are fasting for WISDOM and DIVINE STRATEGIES on how to provide effective DOORS of MINISTRY to our COMMUNITY.

We will open up our church and begin to feed our church family and our community as we minister over the weeks and months. We will need your help in the process, our church must respond with clarity and consistency in order to make a difference in our world.


1. Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen

- We will scale up our food pantry and our goal is to move to weekly distribution as well providing a “soup kitchen” or meal to the community on a regular basis.
Our Food Pantry Director, Christine Sakwitz, will be leading this team and provide the logistics necessary to increase capacity to our biweekly food distribution.
2. Disaster Relief

- We will begin coordinating with Samaritan’s Purse and building teams to provide disaster relief to areas hit the hardest by the flooding. They will begin removing debris, placing tarps on roofs, and clearing out flooded homes.
3. Emergency Resource

- We will need Admin teams who will assist families with forms, resources, and points of contact to help families with relief resources through FEMA and other state and local agencies.
4. Shelter/Chaplaincy

- We will need teams who will assist ongoing shelters with manpower and prayer/counseling as families are displaced and in need of community and prayer. We will look at possibly providing emergency shelter as a transitional space for those who need short term recovery.

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I want to encourage everyone to GIVE and ask FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS to GIVE to assist in the RELIEF EFFORT! It is going to take a lot of resources in our church and outside our church to provide HOPE and HEALING to those in NEED. What differentiates us from other agencies is we provide the BIBLICAL APPROACH in meeting the WHOLE MAN, SPIRIT, SOUL, AND BODY!.

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